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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hebron massacre 1929 by Arabs - (another) important milestone, Arab propaganda machine would want you to ignore

Just like most important milestones in the middle east conflict, the Hebron massacre by Arabs on Jews (mostly non Zionists) is crucial to apprehend the deep rooted hatred by Arabs to non Arabs especially to the Jews (before Israel's re-establishment).

One of the key reasons why Arab propaganda machine ignores or would like very much the world to ignore it, is again, as it contradicts with their line of lie of 'blaming it all on Israel's inception.', or on 'the Zionists' for that matter.

Hebron 1929 Massacre Homepage

Palestine Arab Riots 1929
On the afternoon of Friday, August 23, 1929 Jerusalem Arabs came to Hebron with false reports of Jews murdering Arabs during the rioting there, ...

Hebron - The Pogrom of 1929 and the Protected Jews Now

Hebron massacre of 1929 remembered 24 August 1929 - 24 August 2004 ...August 24, 2004 marks the 75th anniversary of the 1929 Hebron Massacre, in which 67 Jews were brutally murdered by their Arab neighbors. ...

The 1929 Hebron Massacre

David Hacohen reported on the news of the Safad Massacre in 1929:David Hacohen reported on the news of the Safad Massacre in 1929: ... been taking place for the past seven days, seven whole days since the Hebron massacre. ...

Eyewitness to History - Hebron, August 1929The Hebron Pogrom of August 1929. submitted by Shlomo Hersh ... The massacre lasted an hour and a half. There were then heard six shots and the murderers ...

The Hebron Massacre: August, 1929The Hebron Massacre: August, 1929. August 21, 1997 (18th of Av) marks the 68th anniversary of the 1929 riots that plagued Eretz Yisrael. ...


Eretz Israel ForeverHebron 's Jews mark 1929 massacre. By MARION FISCHEL. Some 1000 people gathered in Hebron on Thursday afternoon at a ceremony commemorating 75 years since ...

Hebron Massacre of 1929 Chabad.org
Knowledge Base » People & Events » History » Historical Periods & Events » Hebron Massacre of 1929 ... Hebron Massacre of 1929 ...

Jonathan Tobin - For all of its interesting antiquity, Hebron is not such a place. ... Everywhere there are signs of the 1929 massacre in which Arab mobs destroyed the ...

lgf: riot in hebronJews have had a presence in Hebron for centuries. The Arabs carried out a massacre of Jews there in 1929. So, despite the Arabs' false claim that they have ...

Smooth Stone: The 1929 HEBRON MASSACRE In 1929, 67 Jews of the ancient holy city of Hebron were brutally murdered by a bloodthirsty Arab mob. From reading the news services, it would seem that the Jewish residents of Hebron are responsible for all the violence in the Mideast, the spread of AIDS, the rising unemployment, the hole in the ozone, and the Windows Me operating system. After the horrific suicide bomb attack at Sbarro’s restaurant in Jerusalem, the media had to scramble to find an equivalent outrage by Israelis in their compulsion for “balance.” Since no equivalent atrocity against Palestinians could be found, an AP photographer by the name of Nasser Shyoukhi took it upon himself to create one. http://smoothstone.blogspot.com/2004/02/1929-hebron-massacre.html

Mishpocha - 1. Tel Hai 1920. 2. Bloody Passover 1921. 3. The Hebron massacre 1929. 4. The Arab Riots 1936 - 1939 ... The Hebron Massacre of 1929. by Shira Schoenberg ...

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