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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Numbers don't lie... Beautiful Israel vs terrible "Palestine"

What do most "Palestinian" Arab Muslims want, seek, say, believe?

Poll: Palestinians Support Suicide Bombings; Want Hamas to Honour Agreements, February 21, 2006

Jews appear in the Arab media as subhuman, cannibals and as various animals, ... 65% of Palestinians Support Al-Qaeda Attacks in the US and Europe: ...

Almost 60% of all "Palestinians" will still support terror, even if they get their own state. Poll: 59% of Palestinians support continuation of terror after ...

But Israeli Jews still overwhelmingly support sacrificing even more vital security buffer zones & giving away own pieces of land for the sake of a chance of peace...

Do you favor having a national referendum on the disengagement plan? ... 69 % of Israelis support an evacuation of "all" or "most of" the (so called) settlements ...

Dennis Prager
Number of Arab or Muslim states that have existed on the land called Palestine: 0. Number of terrorist attacks by Israelis or Jews since 1967: 1 .

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