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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Arab lying racists criticize beautiful democratic Israel? What happens when Atlas (Arab) of Racism invents-lies libel "racism" on remarkable democracy

Arab lying racists (still) criticize beautiful democratic Israel?

What happens when the Atlas (Arab) of Racism invents-lies libel "racism" on a remarkable democracy?

Ignoring Israel's reality
First, the Arab Islamic hate media Goliath is systematically ingnoring or lying openly about the fact that Israel's Arabs are not only equal, but giving opportunities & rights without demanding of them the natural obligation that exists on all Israelis to serve in it's service, moreover they're often first class citizens in courts etc. even ahead of Israeli Jews.

Israel's free, democratic status should be held especially remarkable giving the fact of virtual war, consistently, including many cases of Israeli Arabs assisting Genocide bombers.
Israel has build impressive infrastructure for the Arabs including in education etc.
Arabic is an official language in Israel, and Israel recognizes no less than 12 religions that exists in it's vast cosmopolitant country.

Free press, Freedom of expression
Israel's open free press society has the highest foreign journalists representatives on it's capital after Washington & Moscow.
Though Israel fights for it's survival and to defend it's people from contant attempts of genocide by Arab Muslim enemies, it's self criticism in media, parliament & public forum, is very much encouraged, and the vast veriety of opinion is widely heard.

Despite of Arab Muslim radical terrorists abusing it's repeating gestures at it's sensitive security-checkpoints areas, despite of terrorists' continuing in taking advantage of Israel's humanitarian forthcoming, Israel keeps in it's efforts of good will, again & again.

From Hate to 'de-legitimization'
But The Arab Muslim media, in attempts to tarnish Israel, it "loves" to hate, eager to de-legitimize it, thus bases itself on the same anti-Semitic premise, by considering Judaism to be only a religion and deliberately ignoring the fact that the Jews are also a people, in every sense of the term, and as such -- like all other nations -- have the right to exercise their sovereignty, in the one, small Israel. (The Arab people have 22 separate states in which to exercise their sovereignty as a nation -- yet they begrudge the Jewish people the one country which they can call their own!)

But it isn't just anti-Semitic, it is also hypocritical.
As opposed to Israel, where people from all religions have equal rights, other countries in the Middle East ARE "founded on a religious basis." These countries sit alongside Egypt in the Arab league.
For example:
* In Saudi Arabia, you cannot even become a citizen if you're not Muslim.
Let alone theocratic brutal regime like Islamic Iran, or dictatorships like monstrous oppressors like: Syria - champion in torture.
Even "moderate" Arab Nations...
* In "moderate" Jordan, according to law, you cannot become a citizen if you are Jewish.
* Even Egyptian constitution is based religiously on the Koran.
The Atlas of Racism!
Furthermore, there is blatant racism throughout the Arab world which receives no attention from general media. In Egypt, the Christian 'Copts' have been persecuted for decades, based on religious prejudice. The Iraqi persecution of the Kurdish minority is another example of ethnic and religious prejudice, so are the Berbers in Morocco, the Lebanese Christian minority & so on.

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