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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hitler's ("Palestinian" Arab Muslim) Mufti

When was the last time you heard anyone in the Arab Muslim
press mentioning the Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' Mufti leader's connection with Adolf Hitler?

Wonder why?
Because remembering this dark background of their leader's connection to the most evil creature known to mankind (Hitler) would only reveal & reaffirm the dark secret of Arab Muslim's hatred towards the Jews (not only against Zionists) already in early years, since their propaganda repeats and insists 'that their hatred was only caused because of the Zionists'.

It was this terrible (mufti) leader that has incited for the 1929 Hebron massacre, the pogrom of the Jews in Iraq 1941, and the spewing of hatred into Arab Muslim -- especially -- 'Palestinians', etc. that only grew to the monster we know today.

Hitler's ("Palestinian" Arab Muslim) Mufti
http://www.palestinefacts.org/pf_mandate_grand_mufti.php Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini

http://www.tellthechildrenthetruth.com/amin_en.html Tell the Children The Truth

http://notendur.centrum.is/~snorrigb/muftism.htm MUFTISM AND NAZISM

http://www.jerusalem-archives.org/period3/3-25.html Hitler's Mufti, Not Hitler's Pope by ...

http://www.shalomjerusalem.com/mohammedism/mohammedism22.html HITLER AND THE PALESTINIAN ARABS

http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/32043 Hitler, Nazi-Islamic SS Divisons & Grand Mufti Amin Al Husseini ...

http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/muftihit.html The Mufti and the Fuehrer

http://www.dangoor.com/75002.html The Mufti and the Fuehrer (Dangoor)

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ABC of the Middle East "conflict" for Dummies

ABC of the Middle East "conflict" for Dummies


1) There was always a Jewish presence in Israel the Holy-Land.

Upon Holy Land inhabited by a mixed population, The Arab Population boom (immigration etc.) came after Jews started returning by larger numbers, coming to enjoy the Jews' development.

...Arabs immigrants from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. These were not native "Palestinians" as they are called today, rather Arab migrant workers looking for a better standard of living.

2) Arabs started massacring native Jews in the holy-land (long before the "occupation" excuse was born) in the 1920's.
Hebron Massacre 1929 ,
Palestine Arab Riots 1929

3) Arab Leaders are Responsible for (Most) 'Palestinian' refugees,
1) Palestinian Refugees, invited to leave in 1948, 2) The Arab nations keep the Palestinians and their descendants in squalor. They are denied citizenship rights. They are denied work. They are denied property. They are denied their human rights because they are and always will be a political football in the Arab campaign against Israel.

4) 850,000 Jewish refugees are a result of Arab Leaders' Fascism.
1, 2.

5) 300,000 Lebanese Christian Victims as a result of 'Palestinian' 1 2 (in cooperation with Syria The MONSTER, Crimes and Massacres By the PLO and the Syrian army against the Lebanese people ) Crimes.

6) Most 'Palestinian' Dead were/are Combatants. Most Israeli Victims were/are Innocent NON Combatants. See Research

Behind every "innocent" 'stone thrower' picture the coward machine-gunners hiding behind...

8) The Biggest Victimizers on 'Palestinian' Kids are 'Palestinian' Parents, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, as we ALL know it, even the (mostly) Bias Media admits it finally.

9) The Arab Muslim Goliath grip on the UN 1, 2 and (it's obsessed mostly bias resolution, by the same token blinding the bias actions of the) EU, is deeply powerful, starting from:
A) The oil control, B) Huge Arab Consuming Market, C) Psychological giving in for Terrorism - intimidation (including fear of masses of Arab Muslim rampage in the streets).

10) The reason why Arab Muslim militants are against Israel helping the "Palestinians," including a GIFT of (what they never had,) a State, is for their fear of losing the flag/excuse/cover for butchering -- in their Jihad Vs World atrocities -- all over. [never mind the guilty 'Palestinian' side, but those that are ignorant "buy" the notion that they're the real "victims" & not the aggressor].

11) Unlike the Arab Muslims States or "Palestinian" authority 1, 2, 3 , Israel does not incite to hate, murder & glorifying mass murder, as Arab States & the PA do on official media, state and religious.

12) The high tall that Israel pays in it's anti-terror operations is for their extra care on civilians (at the vicinity) in selective surgical shooting, including their extreme high risking door-to-door knocking on the search for weapon, the self-sacrificing (significant time pre-action) notification for residents nearby (that terrorists use as shields) to evacuate, they've developed special low impact-punctual missiles.

The "palestinian" terrorists have been known to INTENTIONALLY murder Arab kids and pin it on Israel, (like Muhammad Al Dura 1, 2, and in Rafah & more).


1) Most Zionists are Christians.

2) Most Ultra Orthodox Religious Jews do not serve in Israeli army but that does not stop Radical Arab "Palestinian" terrorists from targeting their babies!

3) Israel which is the only Democratic system in the entire middle east, has ramification of: A) Free press criticizng it constantly, B) Homicide/Genocide Bombers mingling in freely in it's open society, abusing it deadly

4) Israel never targets the innocent unarmed (as a general rule), would it really behave like it's counterparts, there wouldn't be one 'Palestinian' Arab Muslim surviving it's power.

5) Color? Ethiopians Israeli Jews are more black than Arabs, and (around) 50% of Israel consists (brown) of Jews out of Arab countries originis -- not white.

6) "Checkpoints," are for all Israelis, it has nothing to do with what you are, but rather WHERE you are at.

7) Arab Israelis have full righs in democratic Israel, and are even elected to high positions in Israeli parliament, so do Israeli Arab women vote, unlike in (most) Arab countries. 1 (- Why arabs Love Israel), 2 (- Facts) , actually they are even given preference in most Israeli court cases.

8) It's not tanks vs civilians, but Genocide bombers vs babies (and machine-gunners & rockets against Israeli civilans).

9) There's no more abuse at the IDF than in any other Western Democratic power (to say the least).

10) Most backers of settlements stem out of security (buffer zones) concerns.

11) Though Arab nations have treated 'palestinian' violence (see: Jordan -"Black September", and Syria - Hama 1 ,2), by massacring thousands of 'demonstrators' in the course of a few days [and 'successfully' kept it quiet ever since], but out of racism they shift it to demand rather from rstrained Israel, to blame the non Arab nation on a continuing basis.

The only reason for Arab leaders not letting Israel's constant atttepmts to improve in Arab made camps for 'Palestinians', is so that they could viciously play them for theit hate campaign and pointing fingers conveniently.

It is too difficult for neighbouring Islamo-Arab dictators-leaders to let go of the 'palestinian' conflict, as they use it so efficiently to divert their populous' attentions, and suffocate bitter complaints against their governments, towards the non-Arab-Muslim nation.

14) Researchers do not trace most "Palestinian" Arabs to any earlier date than the 1880's, as their majority emigrated later on.

15) It's never the 'facts' on the ground that 'boost' terrorists, but the brainwashing and FALSE 'interpretation' of things, by the same token: It's not what we "do", but what they're being TAUGHT to do.

InANutshell Palestine Facts Myths & Facts Continuous Jewish Presence Arab Main Argument Israel = GEM Facts on Conflict.

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Mideast ABC - Introduction


Mideast ABC - Introduction


'Violence on both sides'? Fair & more accurate is to say that there's so much blood on the Arab Palestinian hands, whether directly on Israelis or on their own civilian population by using them as shields when firing on Israel.


Though Israel goes through great length to avoid hitting any by stander, the coward criminal 'Palestinians' know very well how so cynically to use their own people as human shields, their favorite ones are their kids.


[To those that think they have an "even handed" view on the middle east by saying: 'They have a good cause but they go wrong about it using violence', ] 'Palestinian' Islamists have in mass murder in itself of non Muslims especially of Jews, a "sacred" goal ( http://pmw.org.il ).


This ABC of their bloodshed is rarely an issue on a any public international forum the seeds of he violence: their horrific hate education ( http://teachkidspeace.org ) relentless incitement & glorification of mass murder.


The very singling out of Israel and questioning it's right to even exist, amounts of racism.
Shall we go back to every single country on this planet's past, and 'occupations' claims?
How about the fact that most Arabs' ancestors there, were merely immigrating in the 1880's to Israel - Jews' historic homeland?


While all terrorism is not justified and it's totally outrageous, the 'Palestinian' Arab Muslim bombers that target mainly the most crowded unarmed civilians with the clear plan to 'murder as many as possible' is a clear genocide campaign, only reaffirms their statements that declare openly on annihilation.


The problem is again hatred that started with first Arabs' attack on Jews there in 1886 Petach Tikva, then through Hitler's buddy the mufti's massacres in Hebron, Safed, etc. in the 1920's.


A. The most "radical Israeli" that his entire radicalism amounts to reorganizing of neighborhoods for security purposes is far more moderate than the average 'Palestinian' that supports genocide bombing on Israeli civilians.

B. While you might find SOME isolated rare (true to the definition or not of) "radicals" among Israelis, they're rejected in mainstream Israel or mainstream Jews, whereas Arab Muslim Palestinian society only encourages these real most dangerous militants and vote for them in high numbers.


And never blame the police that chases down (terrorists) mass murderers.

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