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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meet the liars: Taking the point of view of "Palestinians" as facts despite recognizing & admitting it's falsehood

Meet the liars: Taking the point of view of "Palestinians" as facts despite recognizing & admitting it's falsehood

The virus of criminal 'Palestinianism', taking their point of view as "facts", despite knowing it's false

You see it by the German Bishops that "clarified" their despicable criminal gross "analogies" from the darkest page in history, German Nazi ghettos to stopping terrorists by police, by saying that it's just what the "Palestinian" population believes... oh well, then What?

March 07, 2007
Lovely: German Bishops Compare West Bank to Warsaw Ghetto
Of all the people in the world who ought to be careful about making insensitive remarks comparing Jews to Nazis, you think high among them would be German Catholic religious leaders. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Yad Vashem lambasted a group of visiting German Catholic bishops on Tuesday for comparing the situation in the Palestinian territories with the Holocaust, calling the contentious remarks "political exploitation and demagoguery" and a gross distortion of history.

Bishop Mixa later clarified that he had not meant his comments to cause offence. ... from the point of view of the Palestinian population,” he said. http://www.totalcatholic.com/universe/index.php?news_id=2309&start=0&category_id=&parent_id=0&arcyear=&arcmonth=

The same goes to the Arab money bribed Jimmy Carter that clarified to Larry King on his use of big words like "apartheid' (and admitting on another CNN interview that Israel is indeed a great democracy with equal rights & treatment for all including for Arabs) on Israel's war on terror just to 'provoke a debate'...

What do we have here?
The phenomenon of taking the virus of "Palestinanism" that:

1) Belittles the Holocaust by silly "comparisons"

2) Uses drama words that are never connected to reality.

3) That always escape their direct fault in their kids' deaths by placing them as shields or as human bombs, and are so successful in tarnishing Israelis with it.

4) That always manage to pose as the "victim" no matter how many PALLYWOOD photos are exposed, or the fact of self infliction is evident in their death cult & destruction in being obsessed on genocide against Israel instead of striving for any improvement even in their own lives.

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When the media will not be anti Israel biased

The day When the media will stop being anti Israel biased

1) When there is an account of every single Arab Muslim terrorism.

2) When Israeli victims of terror will turn to human from being "tanks" in media's dehumanization.

3) When the (BBC, NPR, etc.) reporter will finally visit an Israeli hospital for a change.

4) When a rare (if/when) abuse by an Israeli soldier won't be overblown any more than that of any other westerner's case.

5) When those drama words, bigoted slurs (like: "apartheid", "racism") invented by Arabism, Palestinianism upon Israel's war on fascists' terror won't be used.

6) When it will remember to quote the source where it comes from, like a "Palestinian" point of view, stating it as such: "Palestinians" say, not reporting it as "facts", and use the phrase: "they say", as the media is always so careful to side it only on Israel's view.

7) When the tone won't be inflating the cult of 'Palestinian' victim hood, but reporting dry facts. Or the passion should be used on Israeli victims just as much.

8) No more "Palestinians" are the bigger picture, When the headlines are the repercussion of both sides, not a headline & main news crying on 'Palestinians' and in just small little details something about Israel as well.

9) When it will finally start mentioning the sacrifice democratic Israel is making in gestures to "Palestinian" Arabs & open borders on the expense of it's vital security, asides from it's humanitarian aid.

10) When it will report the racism, treason & danger from Arabs living inside Israel & it's establishment's incitement for Jihad, murder, hatred & terrorism.

11) No more unequal talk about 'equality', When it's worry for "equality" will finally be fair, it will talk about: "unequal" citizens, the Jews face so often in Israel's preferential treatment of it's Arab citizens as first class citizens like: access to holy sites, land issues & benefits of not being obligated to serve in the army, etc.

12) When it will refrain from calling fear & worry for security as "racism".

13) When it will stop dancing around the real issue of the conflict, the seeds of hate, the 'Palestinian death cult' indoctrination & it's child abuse.

14) When it will talk about the 'lobby', no! not the one confined to merely one country alone, but the international one, the powerful one, the Goliath one, the one that uses it's oil & threats of terror, the one that occupies the UN & influences the EU, as well as Washington.

15) Calling a spade a spade, a 'Palestinian' that intentionally harms civilians - a "terrorist" not a mere "militant".

16) When it will refer to every checkpoint, be it at any international airport, shopping centers, stadiums, etc. the same way it refers to the ones in the Gaza/west bank, or vice versa.

17) When it will not let itself to be playing into the hands of radical 'Palestinians' & Hezbollah's use of human shields to make sure their kids die & pin it on Israel.

18) When talk will come about on the real racism & real apartheid, such as in "Palestine" ethnic cleansing of Jews, anti Christian apartheid, oppression of own people and on minorities, as well as on the entire Arab & Muslim world that practices such heinous crimes against humanity without any 'fighting terrorism' or 'self defense'.

19) When the most unfair image of "kids throwing stone" won't be shown unless explained about the adult 'Palestinian' gunmen behind them.

20) When it will stop it's double standard that any attack on non Muslim infidels in any corner of the world is any different from Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' genocide campaign on non Muslim Israelis (A.K.A  "fascism").

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More 'Israeli Arabs first class citizens', preferential treatment to Arabs - Muslims, above Israeli Jews

More 'Israeli Arabs first class citizens', preferential treatment to Arabs - Muslims, above Israeli Jews

http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/121909 Expulsion from 'Peace House' in Hevron?, The extreme-left group Peace Now has been pressuring Peretz to expel the Jewish families, claiming that Jews should need special government permission to buy Arab houses. The group has made no similar request requiring special permission for Arabs to buy Jewish homes.

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Only Racism Motivates anti Israel "racism" charges - Constant campaign by racist Arabs

Only Racism Motivates anti Israel "racism" charges

Constant campaign by racist Arabs

Anti Israel fascism: Holding Israel to a standard, NO COUNTRY can.

Just after pluralistic multi racial Israel has nominated it's Arab minister...

No matter what Israel does -- the very democratic Israel that is enabling for Arab-advocacy & Arab propagandists to flourish, such groups that have a job of 'silencing real racism, hatred & terrorism by Arabs inside/outside of Israel', via crying 'racism' on ANYTHING, good hearted Israel that faces imminent danger from a sea of fascism, Islamofascism or plain Arab racism, usually both combined -- it just can never "satisfy" the charges of "racism".
The Arab racists know that, which is why they know they can go on & on & on about it.

How more can we racis-ize Israel?

Anti-Israel groups such as "Adala" (by racist Arabs supported by some Israeli Jews saturated by extra-guilt) is even resorting to such ridiculous "complaints" as to why Israel does not promote 'Muslim holy sites' as much as they do for Jewish sites... wow! How is it "racist"? Well, that doesn't really matter much, just as long as they can even remotely claim the desired "racism" word, that WORKS for them (http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Columnists/Jacobs_Mindelle/2007/02/26/3668039.html ) wow! How is it "racist"?
Well, that doesn't really matter much, just as long as they can even remotely claim the desired "racism" word, that WORKS for them.

"Palestinian" Arabs: If you dare defend yourself, I will call you a "racist"

How can one expect to survive fascist Arabs inside Israel that conspire to slaughter innocent non-Arab Israelis?

How can anyone criticize security measures in the war on terror?

Why is it that a checkpoint on Jews is quite OK but a checkpoint for Arabs have to be connected to "racism"? Is this double standard not racist?

Last but not least, Don't forget the good ol' Arab occupied UN that jumps on any "racism" charge, old or new, the body that would never voice anything on real racism by the entire Arab world on ALL it's minorities, without any explanation of 'fighting terrorists' insight.

Now let's take a look at real racism, no argument here, by Arabs inside Israel, Israeli Arabs' fascism

Israeli Arabs' deny Shoah
Totally Jewish, UK
More than a quarter of Israeli Arabs believe the Holocaust did not take place,
according to a new survey conducted by Haifa University. ...

The Enemy Within
Strategy Page
March 17, 2007: There is a growing problem with loyalty of Israeli Arabs, who make up 20 percent of the population. A recent opinion survey of the Israeli Arabs

Israeli Intelligence: Israeli Arabs A Long-Term Danger To Israel's survival
Zionist Organization of America (press release), NY - Mar 15, 2007
Some 40% of the Israeli Arabs involved in terrorism originated in Judea and Samaria but were permitted to come to pre-‘67 Israel and receive Israeli ...

Radicals taking over

Half of Israeli Arabs justify Hizbullah kidnapping
Ynetnews, Israel - Mar 18, 2007
Prof Sammy Smooha from Haifa University finds surprising support for Shiite organization among Israeli Arabs. 'The Katyusha rockets endangered them too,'

48% of Israeli Arabs Say Hizbullah Rocket Attacks Justified Israel Hasbara Committee (subscription)

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Israeli Arabs caught fighting with al Qaeda ...
Mar 18, 2007
Captured in Baghdad Saturday, March 17, were two - some sources say three - Israeli Arabs, who told their American interrogators they came from the northern ...

Expulsion from 'Peace House' in Hevron?
Arutz Sheva, Israel
According to one report, the decision to enter the building now was reached after the Jews of Hevron received information that Arabs intended to enter the ...


"Double Standard"

By Mindelle Jacobs


A United Nations anti-racism panel is once again examining the human rights records of various countries and Israel, of course, is being characterized as particularly malevolent.

Last week, Israel was before the committee to answer to allegations of discrimination against its Arab citizens in areas such as education and housing, and the disparities in incarceration rates between Jews and Arabs.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination also questioned Israel about accusations that the Jewish state doesn’t sufficiently protect sites considered holy by other religions.

This issue was prompted by a report to the committee by an Israel-based NGO called Adalah, which promotes the rights of Israeli Arabs.

Since 1948, about 250 non-Jewish places of worship have either been destroyed or made inaccessible because of neglect or security concerns, according to Adalah.

Some were razed because of development in the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv corridor and others have simply been left to crumble because of lack of funding, the NGO asserted.

“Jewish sites take high priority, Christian sites come second and Islamic sites a distant last,” Adalah declared.

The group also complained that tourism officials promote the city of Safed as the centre of Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah, even though the city also has a Muslim past.

Well, the Ottoman Empire is long gone and Israel is a Jewish country. It would be peculiar if it didn’t use Safed’s ancient link to the Kabbalah to draw visitors.

As for the destruction of non-Jewish places of worship, I suspect most were sacrificed for the sake of urbanization.

Racism likely played a part in the closure, conversion and neglect of some mosques and that’s unsettling. Israel also has a troubling history of discriminating against its Arab citizens.

But let’s keep things in perspective. All citizens of Israel have full civil and political rights, including freedom of religion. Israel isn’t perfect but it is at least striving to improve.

And Israel has the rule of law to keep the country on its toes. Elsewhere in the Middle East, however, it’s racism as usual – typically state-sanctioned.

In Saudia Arabia, for instance, all citizens must be Muslim and the public practice of other religions is banned.

Non-Muslims who gather in homes for religious practices are supposed to be protected. However, this right isn’t always respected, according to the U.S. Department of State’s 2006 International Religious Freedom Report.

In compensation cases, male Jews or Christians only get half of what male Muslims receive. Other men are granted one-sixteenth of the amount a Muslim gets.

And the government, which observes Sunni Islam, doesn’t finance the construction or maintenance of Shia mosques.

In Egypt, non-Muslims need a presidential decree to build churches and synagogues and the neighbouring Muslim community must give its approval.

The construction and repair of churches is typically delayed for years.

Israel’s missteps are mild in comparison, says Aurel Braun, professor of international relations at the University of Toronto.

“Among the tricks here,” he says, “is to set up a standard that no one can meet and then hold Israel alone to that standard.”



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Friday, February 16, 2007

[Islamists'] 'Holy' HATE not 'holy site'

Islamic Hypocrisy


[Islamists'] 'Holy' HATE not 'holy site'

It is clearly that the anti-Israel hatemongers, Islamic propagandists are more about hate than "site".

Those that were "hurt" by the 'palestinian' on 'palestinian' Arab-Muslim rival terrorism/violence decided to play another dirty trick (in the cult of deception & dirty tricks called PALLYWOOD), after all, What more can unify Arabs than anti-Zionists hatred?

Put some "religion" into it, and you're done!

Why would someone that claims to hold Jerusalem so "dearly", be opposed to reparations to improve the site, that is in shaky shape?


These Islamists oppose to "touching" anything there?

The very Islamic Wakf has been doing digging, and not just for repair, continuous "work in the night" for far too long under open free Israel's democracy's eye, but tolerant non Muslims, tolerant Israelis, tolerant Jews didn't stone anyone.

The agenda of Islamic hatred is not only just "holy" to them, but is even far more holier than the holy sites they claim to be "one of the holiest sites to Muslims."

Another Islamic hypocrisy sell & the media buys it.

Jews' Temple Mount, becoming "mosque" for Muslims only? Muslim leaders are calling for a "new intifada" to protest the routine Israeli repair work.

Extremists using J'lem dig for their own political benefit , Israel would never do anything to harm freedom of worship for all religions in Jerusalem, and that certain groups are using excavations near the Temple Mount for their own political gain.

"The Temple Mount is the site most holy to the Jewish people," ... "The State ofIsrael will never to anything to harm the freedom of worship of members of all religions - in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel."

"There are irresponsible elements, who know full well that no harm is being caused here to any holy site, who are exploiting Israeli democracy to fan religious feelings for political gain," Livni continued. "This is true of both political groups within Israel and extremist elements outside Israel.

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Making a "criminal" out of Saint Israel

Making a "criminal" out of Saint Israel

When it comes to Victim Israel, the media "justice" turns 360 degrees.

A bias that selects Israel for unfair harsh terms & gross language.

When it comes to victim Israel, all hell break lose.

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's reluctance from going on the lose like Arab neighbors, Syria & Jordan that "dealt" with violent "uprising" by just massacring thousands randomly.

    But it calls Israeli restrained minimal defense-of-lives actions against terror aggression as "aggressive".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's beautiful treatment of it's minorities including favoring it's Arab citizens over Israeli Jewish majority in court cases, in access to the holy-site of the temple mount, (not excluding known Muslim fascists living inside Israel that call for racist genocide of the Jews & ethnic cleansing & voice their opinion openly in Israel's free equal democracy) & in the imbalance unfairness in obligating Israeli Jews to serve in the army, whereas Arabs are exempt.

    But it calls Israel's security check points after arresting Israeli Arabs in terror activities as "racism".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's aid & humanitarian help for "Palestinians" including free treatment in hospitals for many "Palestinian" kids injured due to "Palestinian" -- crimes against humanity -- adults' violent intifadah... using their kids as weapons or as shields, as well as basically feeding much of their population.

    But it interprets Israeli shielding themselves from Arab attackers, shooting behind little kids as "crimes against humanity".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's ongoing gestures to "Palestinians" crossing over to the Israeli side, looking away strict anti terror measures, when "Palestinians" not only practice apartheid against Jews, but Hamas raises it's Islamic Apartheid against Christian Arabs too.

    But it calls it's anti-genocide-bombers barrier an "apartheid wall".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's multiracial nation that has Arab Muslims representatives in it's highest offices in the government, even at the height of racism from Israeli Arabs towards Israeli Jews manifested in protests and in aiding bombers.

    But these ungrateful Israeli Arabs cry "racism".

  • Not only don't they appreciate Israel's evacuating Gaza from non Arabs, from Jews, when fascist "Palestine" doesn't allow any Jew to live in it's so called "territories", but it's these ethnic cleansing masters that cry "ethnic cleansing".


What's good for Europeans & the rest of the world is never good for Israel even on the expense of saving lives


Gen. Giora Eiland: Israel Should Adopt Policy of Holland, Switzerland & Denmark In Barring Automatic Citizenship To Palestinian Spouses Of Israeli Arabs

Two More Fatalities From Palestinian Suicide Bombing On April 17th At Tel Aviv Bus Station


IsraCast: Natan Sharansky Blasts Canadian Unions Anti-Israeli ...He cited that when Israel took legitimate measures to defend its citizens from Palestinian suicide bombers this was branded as apartheid. ...


These Arabs lack citizenship because of their actions, not their race or ... their own Palestinian state - a country where all Israeli settlements would be ...


In no way can the treatment of Arabs by the State of Israel be compared to the treatment of the Blacks of South Africa under apartheid. There is no Israeli ideology, policy or plan to segregate, persecute or mistreat the Arab population. Democracy is the cornerstone of the State of Israel. Israel makes no distinction between its Arab and Jewish citizens. Israeli Arab citizens enjoy the same rights as their Jewish neighbors. They are also free to practice their religion without discrimination, in accordance with Israel's commitment to democracy and freedom. As in every country, much more needs to be done to promote greater educational and employment opportunities for minorities, particularly for Israeli Arabs. The Israeli government has committed to investing in the necessary infrastructure and assistance for these communities.


CAMERA: Guardian Defames Israel with False Apartheid Charges (The Palestinian statistical abstract claims that the Israeli figures understate Arab population growth, so that would further undermine Mr. McGreal’s case.


The 2,500-kilometre-long defensive wall built by Morocco constituted a de facto annexation of the larger part of the Territory. That “apartheid wall” had been humiliating the Saharawi people for two decades and had converted the Sahara into a ghetto.


International campaign against the apartheid wall and Moroccan colonial occupation of Western Sahara:


If you guessed that the barrier in question was Israel’s West Bank security fence, guess again. It surrounds the Spanish enclave of Melilla, on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, a remnant of Spain’s colonial past. Morocco argues, with considerable regional support, that Melilla and another Spanish coastal enclave, Ceuta, are in fact occupied Moroccan territory, and must be returned.

As the Wall Street Journal—Europe pointed out in a recent editorial (Sept. 26), there are two major differences between the fence around Melilla and Israel’s security barrier. One is that no-one is protesting that this fence is illegal, a barrier to peace or a land grab, and no-one calls it an "apartheid wall", even though its intent is very much to separate people along largely ethnic lines. In fact, the EU, which has protested so vigorously against Israel’s barrier, is actually helping Spain to fund the fence.

The other difference is the intent — the Melilla barrier is not intended to save lives or prevent terrorism. It is there to keep out largely sub-Saharan Africans looking for a better life in Europe, and who become free to move about Europe once they get into Melilla, which is a part of Spain and thus a part of the EU.


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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Usual, Israeli-Arabs' first class citizens, Favoring Arabs' rights,Gov´t Allows Arabs To Squat on Jewish Farmland

The Usual, Israeli-Arabs' first class citizens, Favoring Arabs' rights
over Jews' rights inside Israel's democracy

Gov´t Allows Arabs To Squat on Jewish Farmland 22:19 Jan 07,


(IsraelNN.com) The Civil Lands Administration has allowed Arabs from Yatta,
near Hevron, to squat on land 10 miles away that has been farmed by Jews for
10 years. Nearby residents of Beit Yatir, in the southern Hevron Hills,
protested on the property Friday, claiming that the presence of the Arabs
presents a danger to the area.

"Their tractors are unlicensed and they drive them on the roads at night
without lights," said a Yatir spokesman. Army officers who arrived on the
scene confirmed that the Arabs left their identity cards at a nearby
checkpoint because they had no permit to live on the grounds, but Civil Lands
officers later said temporary permission would be given until the dispute is
settled in the courts.


This constant favoring Arabs over Jews, every time, at every case, doesn't
get to the ears of those Arabists that shed crocodile tears when a suspected
Arab terrorist is --OMG! Can you believe it?-- Checked by security personnel,
their obsession to try to bash this democratic-oasis in the wild bloody middle
east Islamic-(real) Apartheid anti-democracy

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ARABIZATION INC. The all out myth of 'all Arabs being natives in all of the middle east'

The all out myth of 'all Arabs being natives in all of the middle east'

A myth that terrorists which have far greater ambitions such as to Islamize the entire region if not the entire world or racist local Arabization, have been using it (still do) to the loss of so many lives among Israelis, 'Palestinians', or an added justification for foreign Arab invaders to "fight in Iraq - Arab land -- against the non Arabs: US, Britain", furthermore, it is a tool in the wider Arab land to fuel bitterness at the entire west, (with historic colonialists like Great Britain, France, Belgium, etc. in mind).

To be true to history, the Berbers were before the other Arabs conquered them in N. Africa like in Morocco & in Algeria.

The same as to the indigenous Egyptians Nubians then the Coptic Christians and not today's mostly 'modern Arabs' the occupiers..

Or the fact that most Arabs in today's 'Palestine' - Israel are a mere few generations away from immigrants out of surrounding countries, in other words, foreign settlers.


Berbers: The Proud Raiders

They call themselves Amazigh, the proud
raiders. But most people know them as Berbers.

For millennia, the
Berbers of North Africa fought against Roman, Arab and French invaders. And,
despite a history of colonisation, they have managed to preserve their language
and culture, and have defended their land.

But all this is set to
change. Nine months ago, joint American-Moroccan company Lonestar, began oil
exploration and drilling near the town of Talsinnt. Nick Pelham reports from

History of Jihad against the Berbers of North Africa ? Algeria ...The Berbers
were the ancient indigenous people of North Africa west of Egypt. ... The schism
between the native Berbers and the invading Arabs continues...

History of Jihad against the Berbers of North Africa ? Algeria ...How the
Jihadis mercilessly vandalized the gentle pre-Islamic Berbers of North Africa -
Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and transformed them eventually into ...

The Lost Land of Nubia: Egypt's Southern Neighbor in Africa Throughout this
period, Nubians appear in Egyptian records both as stereotyped ... shows a
cosmopolitan mixture of native, Pharaonic and Hellenistic styles. ...

Are Christian Enclaves the Solution?: Disappearing Christians of ...After Arabs
invaded Egypt in 640 C.E., the native Copts were subjected to centuries of
Arabization and Islamization. In contrast to the Maronites of Lebanon ...

Egypt's Place in Modern Africa, The whole process of Arabization started when
the Arabs invaded in 640 AD and ... in modern Egypt are the Fellahin, Sai'idi
people, Baladi, and the Nubians. ...

Kush, Meroe and Nubia, Although the Arabs soon abandoned attempts to reduce
Nubia by force, Muslim domination of Egypt often made it difficult to
communicate with the Coptic ...

After Arabs invaded Egypt in 640 C.E., the native Copts were subjected to
centuries of Arabization and Islamization. In contrast to the Maronites of
Lebanon (who had the opportunity of gathering with access to the Mediterranean)
and in contrast to the Assyrians of northern Mesopotamia's highlands (who were
able to retreat to a mountainous mini-homeland), the Copts of Egypt found
themselves trapped between desert and Nile. When the British arrived in the
country at the end of the nineteenth century, the Copts had been reduced to less
than 300,000. Profiting from English rule, the Christians of Egypt re-integrated
themselves into public life.

The De-Nubianization Policies in Egypt and the Sudan ...The paper will also draw
on the racist Arab culture toward the Nubians, ... the massacre of the refugees
or the Egyptian occupation of Sudanese land because ...

Iraq Marshlands Restoration Program, From 1991 to roughly 2000, Marsh Arabs were
forcibly and repeatedly moved ...

The Iraqi Government Assault on the Marsh Arabs (A Human Rights ...In the
same year, Minority Rights Group estimated that the size of the indigenous
population had dwindled to some 50000 (in The Marsh Arabs of Iraq, ...

Madan, or Marsh Arabs, row through marshlands in southern Iraq. ... to 500000
indigenous Marsh Arabs, tens of thousands of whom fled to southern Iran. ...

Iraq's Drained Marshlands Refilling After Saddam's Ouster, but ...The Iraqi
dictator had ordered the water dammed and diverted for almost two decades, in
part to punish the indigenous Marsh Arabs who opposed his rule. ...

Iraq's Mass Graves The Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq, who had maintained a unique
way of life ... as well as indigenous Iraqi groups such as the Free Prisoners

Displacement of the Arab Marsh population of over 300000 forced to flee the
marshes and become refugees in Iran or internally displaced in Iraq. ...

The Arabs in the Holy Land - Natives or Aliens?The Arabs who now claim to be
natives of the Holy Land have migrated to Palestine after 1918, from neighboring
Arab countries, predominantly from areas now ...

A Tour of the Holy Land 1831-1910, These pictures illustrate without a doubt
that there was massive Jewish and Arab immigration into Israel: The Jewish
refugees fleeing religious and ethnic cleansing from Arab countries...

The True Identity of the So-called Palestinians.The current myth is that these
Arabs were long established in "Palestine", until the Jews came and "displaced"
them. The fact is, that recent Arab immigration into the Land of Israel
displaced the Jews. That the massive increase in Arab population was very recent
is attested by the ruling of the United Nations: That any Arab who had lived in
the Holy Land for two years and then left in 1948 qualifies as a "Palestinian

From Time Immemorial - Evidence of Unrecorded Arab Immigration ...9 Fred M.
Gottheil, "Arab Immigration into Pre-State Israel: 1922-1931"

The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 ... The
Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 - Middle East Quarterly.

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